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Bible Study Links
The following links are provided because they contain good resources. The user is reminded that, as with anything beyond the bounds of scripture, these are the works of men and therefore subject to error. You are advised in all things to apply the "Berean Test" (Acts 17:11) in your studies.


Bible Gateway Free service for reading and searching scriptures in a variety of translations. 
About the churches of Christ
Online Parallel Bible Read multiple translations side-by-side. 
Aude McKee's Bible Studies Fantastic study resource 
Executable Outlines by Mark Copeland 
FREE Bible Study Software  
Encyclopedia of Christianity   
Bible Studies by Ferrell Jenkins 
Ogden's Biblical Resources  by Arthur Ogden 
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies  by Torrey Seland 
Bible Places Great pictorial library of Bible Lands 
The Great Books by Access Foundation 
eBible Teacher  Resources for the computer in the Bible class 
BibleStudyGuide  Lots of resources  Explore Bible lands, clipart, etc. 
The Interactive Bible Lots of interesting topics 
Internet Bible Study Great articles 

Grace and Truth is a weekly radio broadcast hosted by the Minister of North 2nd Street Church of Christ, Jason Sage, that airs live every Tuesday at 12:00PM CST on WJZM 1400AM and rebroadcast on Saturdays at 10:00 AM on WVRY 105.1FM at the below link:


Live Broadcast of Grace and Truth:


If you are unable to attend the live or rebroadcast of the program you can find a podcast of each week's program usually posted by Wednesday of that week. Below is the link to those podcasts.


Weekly Podcast: 

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