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The Cost of Discipleship
(Mark 10:17-31)

In nearly every case, joining one of the many churches today is an amazingly easy process. In some places you walk the aisle, or perhaps you fill out a card, or maybe answer a couple of questions, and you're in. Many people would say that it should be that easy. But maybe we need to think about this further.

In our zeal to reach the lost we must not abandoned the principles of discipleship established by our Lord. Whatever one needs to do to be saved, the Lord must be the one who we look to and obey.

When Jesus walked this earth, He expected those who follow Him to take it seriously. He made it clear that there were some requirements involved for those who wanted to follow Him. He was not interested in attracting new members for a club--He was looking for sold-out, completely committed disciples.

There are many occasions in the gospels where Jesus challenged would be followers to make a serious--not half-hearted--commitment. The challenge is extended to us. There is a cost of discipleship, and those who wish to be disciples must be willing to pay it.

There is no greater example of this than the story of the rich young ruler. This story clearly defines at least three requirements involved in the Cost of Discipleship.

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