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If you want to know more about Jesus, you have come to the right place!

We want you to feel welcome, loved, and wanted because your soul is precious to our Savior.  If you know nothing about Jesus, let us teach you!  If you have been a Christian for 50 years, come worship with and encourage us!

The kind of church we are springs from what we believe about God and his Son.

Jesus is the Son of God.  We believe he died for our sins and rose on the third day to prove his power over death.  All people can have salvation in his name if they will make him their king and enter the sheltering walls of his kingdom (Mt 28:18-20, Col 1:12-14).

What we know about God and Jesus comes from study of the Bible.  We believe the Holy Spirit inspired or “breathed into” the writers of the Bible the very words of God.  It is from the Bible we learn about God’s plan for all men to be saved by faith in Jesus and baptism into his body the church.

We strive to be “people of the Book” in our teaching, worship, and daily walk with Jesus.  We would love to have you visit with us for Bible study or worship.

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We believe a church should have two goals; saving the lost and encouraging the saved.  If you are in one of those two groups (and everybody is!), we want to assist you in your journey to Christ.





Our teaching program is at the heart of our congregation.  How can someone believe in Jesus if we don’t teach them (Rom 10:14-15)?  We offer Bible classes for all ages and everyone is encouraged to participate.  Our curriculum is designed to benefit the Bible novice and the life-long Bible student.

We also offer outside classes for smaller groups.  Christians in the Bible met, enjoyed each other’s company, and taught in their home.  We do the same thing today.

Plus we have several men and women ready to study with you privately.  All you need to do is ask.  Feel free to visit with us or contact us by phone, email, or letter.

We learn about salvation and successful Christian living from study of God’s word.

Come learn with us.


God is so good!  That is the name of a popular song and the reason for our worship.  God created us and sent his Son down from heaven to save us from our sins.  How can we keep from worshipping Him?

How we worship is based on what we read in the Bible.  Christians sang (Col 3:16), prayed (I Tim 2:1), taught (I Tim 4:13), read their Bibles (Col 4:16), gave (I Cor 16:1) and observed the Lord’s Supper (I Cor 11:20).  We do the same thing today.

Our worship services are directed to God.  We sing praises to Him, pray through Jesus, teach others about the wonderful gift of salvation, read how he wants us to live our lives, give so that the gospel message can be spread and the needs of the saints met, and remember Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins.

Come worship with us.


We actively reach out to those around us.  There are roughly 150,000 people living in the Clarksville area.  We want to reach everyone with the good news of salvation in Jesus.

We read in the Bible about churches funding preaching missions and supporting the work of the gospel within their own congregations (I Cor 9:11-14, I Tim 5:17-18).  We do the same thing today.

We also read about the liberal benevolence directed toward members of the church (Act 4:32, II Cor 8:3-4).  We do the same thing today.

In fact we have two men designated to minister to those needs.  Jim Lahue and Scott Ford are humble servants of our Lord in this area to direct any benevolence needs of the saints.  They will be glad to meet with you to discuss any need you may have or of which you may be aware.  We budget for benevolence and believe it is an important part of our service to God.

These two areas of physical ministry mirror the spiritual purposes of the church.  Just as Jesus died so that all men may be saved, we provide for preaching and teaching of the gospel message.  Just as the church is to build up the body, we provide for the physical needs of members as well as spiritual.

Join us in teaching, worship, and service to God, through Jesus, and guided by the Holy Spirit.


Times of Services

SUN AM Bible Study 9:00 am
SUN AM Worship 10:00 am
SUN PM Worship 5:00 pm
WED Bible Study 7:00 pm

Classes for all ages!

Visitors Welcome!

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